Product Lists


Graphite Jointing Sheet

These gaskets provide a higher performance seal in these conditions than non-asbestos jointing.

Asbestos Jointing Sheet

Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing is a consistently uniform and resilient product.

Food Grade Aramid Fiber

These aramid fibre based gasket material that has been approved for food use by a range of approval agencies.

Graphite Jointing Sheet

Graphite is generally used in high temperature and high pressure environments

Metal Jacked

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Non Asbestos Jointing Sheet

These are made of synthetic fiber, natural rubber, filler material and dye.

Ring Joint Gasket

A ring type joint is a gasket, designed to be used with flanges that have grooves in them

Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber expansion joints are designed to reduce vibration and dampen sound transmission.

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